A Moment in Prague

photo courtesy of my friend MinaA moment in Prague (2011, I didn’t put a date on this, but I think it was at the beginning of my time in September)

I am traveling back home to Vinohrady from Bila Hora on the 22 tram. My cheek is pressed against my fist as I lean it against the window. I am listening to the first minute of sweet disposition over and over again as the sun flickers in and out between prague’s buildings colored in an array of sorted colors. Soon I can only hear the song and feel the sun. No one is watching me and I begin to let the music turn into a memory of my warmth and calm existence in these moments. One day, maybe in a year or two, I will hear this song in a café or on the radio and I will be transported to this moment in time, this still, lovely moment.

A Moment in Prague

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