recent photos

my ibex roommate and i near the Moshav
The whole group of TMC students on the Steps of Ascent outside of the Temple Mount
Sami Jo and I enjoying our lamb kabob's. We were HUNGRY!
Standing outside of the Holy Sepulcher with Haron, James, and Lydia
My Regional Explorations Class
Lina and I at some crusader ruins on Tsoba
Natalie, Sami Jo and I on our trip to Hezekiah's Tunnel

Just a few pictures…more to come : )

recent photos

3 thoughts on “recent photos

  1. Molly Clay says:

    It is both wonderful to read your musings and to see your face in photos! I’d love to see the sights that you are seeing. Thanks for posting.

  2. Bryan says:

    Look at you all front and center in the group photo… ha! And is that Mark Zuckerberg three-over to the left? Love seeing pics!

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