sights and sounds of jerusalem

So far, my favorite place in Israel is Jerusalem. I was told by a few people before I left Cleveland that it would be, but I didn’t know what to expect. The sights and sounds are marvelous. The Old City is split into four quarters: the Christian quarter, Muslim quarter, Jewish quarter, and Armenian quarter. In the Muslim quarter there is a kind of square where venders are yelling in Arabic that you must buy their strawberries or bananas or whatever they are selling that day. I have certainly never been shoved around so much. It seems that everyone has an agenda and no one is going to get in their way.

Whenever we are touring through the Old City, my favorite times are when we go into the old stone churches. We always sing a few songs and I would put money on saying that it is the closest thing on earth to hearing the Lord’s angels. One time, we went into a church and their was a group from the Philippines in the church singing. It was beautiful to hear them singing to the Lord in their own language. Praise God that He created every language and hears every language!

West Jerusalem is very different than the old city. It looks much more modern with parks and museums and that is where I went into market a couple of days ago. Here, you see all the people from each of the four quarters hurrying around in the same place whereas the Old City is fairly segregated. It is a very diverse city. There are many languages being spoken at once and it ends up sounding like a muffled rumbling as people are hurrying through the city. There is nothing like it. I can’t wait to explore more.

sights and sounds of jerusalem

2 thoughts on “sights and sounds of jerusalem

  1. Lou Ann says:

    so difficult not to be a bit envious of you right now! Am so thankful for these experiences that are molding and shaping you.

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