crunchy peanut butter > modern hebrew

Okay…Hebrew is hard. At this point, I’m not sure if I will ever be able to read in Hebrew, especially since the vowels are rarely marked. My day started with Hebrew class and Land and the Bible class. Today was the beginning of our second Shabbat here in Israel. When the sun goes down on Friday nights, work stops, the stores close, and as I learned, the buses stop running. It was raining today, but with a little bit of free time, I didn’t want to waste it. I went with a friend into west Jerusalem and we walked through a sook (sh-oo-k, open market). We caught the 1,45 bus into Jerusalem and because we missed lunch, that was our first priority. We found cheap falafel, which includes fried chick peas, humus, tomatoes, cucumbers, and french fries wrapped in delicious, warm pita bread which by the way is nothing like the pita bread in the states. We’ve got nothing on the Israelis. We bought some strawberries, nuts, apples, and of course, what are apples without peanut butter?

Everything was cheaper than usual because the venders wanted to get rid of everything before the beginning of Shabbat. The sun was already beginning to go down by this time and we walked to the bus stop to see if there would be another bus. We ended up catching a minibus ( a good reminder of Bolivia) for a good price and were dropped off on the outskirts of Abu Gosh, about 2 miles  from Yad HaShmona. We were happy that we were able to find our way back to the Moshav fairly easily.

I was glad to finally be able to go and experience the cultures of Jerusalem without having to take notes. We just jumped in and now, it will be easy to get around on our own and continue to learn about the people living here within this small city.

More adventures to come.

crunchy peanut butter > modern hebrew

2 thoughts on “crunchy peanut butter > modern hebrew

  1. I like your insights. Doug Clay follows them too. Another title if you like is: Riding the shoulders of those who walk before me.

    Isaac Newton said that, “I ride the shoulders of those who walk before me.”

    Strawberries in Arabic is, “Fa-rowla”


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