mi amigo primero a bernabé

This last Friday, the boys at bernabé were still on winter break and so we all took a trip to the botanical gardens in La Paz. On the way there, I sat next to Marco, about 10-years-old. I saw that he was reading an Awana book and so I asked him in Spanish if he knew any verses by heart. It seemed as though he just was not interested in small talk and so I decided to tell a verse that I knew in Spanish. I recited Romans 3:23 and before I was even half way through the verse, Marco finished the verse for me and recited 3 more. It was very encouraging to be able to start a conversation in Spanish and to have someone respond.

When we got to the gardens, we walked around for a while and saw the aquarium and rainforest that they had. The boys got in trouble a couple of times because they started to pull flowers and plants from the ground. The trip to the gardens soon ended after that.

When we all piled back into the bus, Marco was saving a seat for me. The boys listened to Michael Jackson all the way back to El Alto. They knew all of the words to Thriller, Billie Jean, and Beat It in English. They had no idea what they were saying, but they enjoyed making the English speakers laugh.

mi amigo primero a bernabé

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