sunday food

This past Sunday, I went out with some people around my age from the church that I am attending here. We went to a Bolivian restaurant and ate a lot of meat that I did not even recognize. By the end of lunch, I found out that I had eaten cow heart, kidney, liver, intestine, and utter. Surprisingly, the cow utter was not the worst as I had expected that it would be, and the cow heart tasted a lot like overcooked steak.

In the restaurant, our table was positioned close to an open door near the back corner and right before we were about to leave, two Bolivian boys, about 4-years-old, came in from the open door asking for some of our leftover food. One of the guys with us gave them two pieces of the meat. It was heart-breaking to see two young boys who were seemingly not receiving the provisions that most American children would not even think twice about not having.

I have stepped into a different world all-together.

sunday food

2 thoughts on “sunday food

  1. Kassie says:

    Good thing you didn’t know what you were eating. Psychological angst wouldn’t have been as much a problem I suppose. Then again, if you mushed it all up and put some seasonings on it you could’ve made a hot dog. 😉

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