the high amazon

On Saturday, Pablo and Debbie, the couple that I am living with, took me to see the high Amazon in the Yungus. Neither words nor pictures can express the beauty of the Amazon’s waterfalls that we climbed up and down. There were many logs that we had to duck under that were covered in fire ants. We also saw many tadpoles in the water. After climbing up a rather large waterfall, Debbie could not believe that I climbed it without any help and she told me that it was no wonder that I only had brothers. I told her that having brothers makes that kind of thing a sort of requirement.

the opening to where we climbed up waterfalls
the opening to where we climbed up waterfalls
this was on the way back to La Paz

As we were driving through the Yungus, there were people starting fires on the mountains, burning the green grass. Pablo told me that in the Yungus, the people believe that they have to burn what the gods have given them in order to receive rain in its season. Other than the few small fires, the Yungus were breathtaking. We were so high in altitude that the clouds were amongst us at the peaks of the mountains. It was as if we were in an airplane. It was incredible. Keep in mind that the pictures that I have included do not capture the depth, width, and height of the mountains.CIMG0396CIMG0397

the high amazon

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