beginning observations

1. double, solid, yellow lines on streets in Bolivia mean absolutely nothing.

2. the indigenous women in La Paz wear these hilarious top hats that just sit atop their heads, while the men look very normal from American standards.

3. there are packs of wild dogs everywhere.

4. here, it is just unnatural that I have blue eyes.

5. even though it is winter, I still managed to get pink cheeks in one day.

6. the exchange rate is great! 6.9 bolivianos=$1 and it costs 1.5 bolivianos to catch a bus ride.

7. the scenery is much more interesting than Ohio’s.

beginning observations

2 thoughts on “beginning observations

  1. Grandpa Jim says:

    Hi Emilie
    Glad you finally made it to LaPaz & enjoyed hearing about your experiences getting there.
    They also don’t obey stop signs unless absolutely necessary & get rid of their cars if the horn doesn’t work.
    Have a great time & take lots of pics to share when you get home.
    We love you
    Grandpa & Grandma

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